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Survival of the Iciest

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript February 26, 2015

Well, Regular Readers, what’s really left to say at this point?
Target is selling flip flops, and Oreos is marketing yellow ‘spring’ cookies at Stop-n-Shop.
The nation doesn’t get us.
Unless they plan to start stocking snow blowers instead of spring fashion tights, and remake Oreos to be laced with whisky, then forget them….
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Lost in Winter’s Memory

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript January 21, 2015

I stared shivering at the giant sports field. It was a vast expanse of dead winter grass and snow-crusted clumps.
“Ok,” I took a deep breath. “So, when the fire drill started, you marched outside and stood in lines. Where was the fifth grade?”
My older daughter, who stood shivering next to me, took off towards a soccer goal.
“And,” I turned to my younger daughter who stood ready for her part in our historical reenactment, “where did the second grade stand?”
She marched off in the other direction so that they stood about 20 yards apart.
Somewhere, in between them, was a dangle earring approximately the color and shape of . . . a blade of grass….
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In Search Of The Sick Mom

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript January 7, 2015

 Happy New Years, Regular Readers. I hope your resolutions are full of possibility, hope and the sure promise that summer is now only five (or six, maybe seven if we’re honest) months away.
My own goal this year is a lofty and noble one. I’d like to gain recognition for that mythological creature: The Sick Mom….
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Crazy Christmas Journeys

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript December 10, 2014

Well, Regular Readers, tis’ the season. I’m going to take this opportunity to make a holiday argument: the people who settled our country, approximately 400 years ago during this particular time of year were crazy. Theirs was an action followed closely by the modern day insanity of taking second graders to said settlement site, Plimoth Plantation, also during this time of year….
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On The Road To Who We Are

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript November 26, 2014

Regular Readers may have picked up on the fact that my parents live in Miami. I strongly recommend having family some place warm when you reside in the Tri-Towns. If you don’t, perhaps you can borrow mine. They are friendly, flexible and understanding to those in need of the occasional thaw….
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Let There Be Light

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript November 7, 2014

I’m not a fan of home systems. Living here in the Tri-Towns where so many of us are on septic and wells makes me antsy. I don’t like being in charge of whether or not my toilet flushes or my water runs. My husband, on the other hand, likes that it makes us more ‘self-sufficient’.

“Self sufficient how?” I always ask. “Like if we have to survive while zombies eat each other on the BTA trails, at least we’ll be able to flush our toilets?”…
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A Simple Paint Job

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript October 23, 2014

It began with some chipped paint in the summer.
So, I called a guy. A painting guy. As we walked around the chipped deck, we realized that a few boards were, let’s say, moisture compromised. What if we replaced them with something that wouldn’t take it personally when they were buried under ten feet of snow? A composite of sorts?
So, we called our builder guy. We imagined composite decking, with freshly painted trim, in mere weeks.
Until the painter guy politely knocked on my door, “I have some bad news.”
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Can I Get a Sample of Fall

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript October 3, 2014

It’s officially Fall. I dragged my heels (just a bit) but it happened anyway. So I will embrace the hearty mums and pumpkins and clothing in shades of falling leaves. The good news is that it’s about to get stunning around here. There is no place I’d rather walk Blue Ears than the roads of Boxford in October.
The bad news is that the business of life is Full On. All the glint and ease of summer is gone. We are in grind-it-out mode here at Casa Baird. There is homework and practices and music lessons and clubs and . . . meals.
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