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A Rustle In The Garden

A Rustle in the Garden
Published in RevelantONLINE on APRIL 5, 2012

Last year, after we celebrated Easter, our first-grade daughter, who was suddenly on a story-writing tear, decided to write down an Easter account she could read to our family. She wrote seven pages full of great detail: Jesus on the donkey, Jesus in the garden sweating blood, Peter cutting off the guard’s ear, etc. She peppered her account with editorial comments such as, “Now, this is where it gets very sad,” or, “This is the last part,” and, “Now we can be happy because …” But otherwise she stuck closely to the biblical version.

I listened to her read it multiple times to various family groups, and I became used to her cadence and tone. But the last time I listened, as she got to the to resurrection part and read, “Mary heard a rustle in the garden. She thought it was the gardener, but it was Jesus,” I stopped her….
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