Es head shotHi and welcome to my website. I’m a mom, columnist, women’s ministry coordinator, seminary Grad and most of the time, a coffee chugging chauffeur to my two girls. Yes I have a mini van. Yes I love it. It’s named the Giant Sparkle and that’s how we roll. My column, The Baird Facts, has been running for over seven years first in the Beverly Citizen, and currently runs in the Tri-Town Transcript. In addition, I write essays for other publications including printed and online magazines (see my other essays tab), as well as Bible studies and devotionals for my role at church. Someday maybe I’ll put it all together into something structured that some people might call a book, but for now it’s all just loose thoughts. In case I have more loose thoughts I have the ‘spontaneous writing’ tabs on my site. I don’t know what may go there, that’s why it’s spontaneous!

In the mean time, thanks for visiting, reading, and contact me with whatever strikes your fancy. I love my Regular Readers!