Monthly Archives: August 2015

Roll-Ing through the end of summah

First published in the Tri-Town Transcript Aug 27, 2015 

Psst, it’s still summer. Maybe by mere days, possibly minutes, but those back to school catalogs are still better used as kindling in a beach bonfire. I refuse to be smothered in plaid and pre-sharpened #2 pencils until the last possible second.

Since it’s still summer, I want to talk about God’s food group. Obviously I mean the lobster roll. Lobstaaah.I realize that you can eat lobster year-round, but waterfront restaurants and chilled seafood are less appealing when you can’t actually be outside. By the water. Because it’s buried under 100 inches of snow. Summer is when lobster fulfills its culinary destiny….
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Who Am I??

First published in the Tri-Town Transcript Aug 12, 2015

Hello Regular Readers, I hope your summer is going swimmingly and you are enjoying this heat! My hair is frizzy, my legs stick to the car seat, there is a sweat crease down my back and I am absolutely OK with every meltable moment. When we returned from vacation our air conditioning was broken. The house was like a tomb buried in the sands of the most scorching desert. But did I complain? I did not. This is the summer of our great content….
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