Monthly Archives: June 2015

A Race Across the Green

First published in the Tri-Town Transcript Jun. 18, 2015

BOXFORD Last week our family was playing golf – – it’s a thing you can do when the ground is covered with grass and not snow. (How long am I going to be traumatized by this past winter, Regular Readers? How long!?!)

At any rate, we like to play golf together as a family.
 Well, let’s parse that out: technically my husband loves to play golf. Our eldest daughter likes to play certain holes, sometimes, but varies on whether she likes to drive and putt, or just putt.
 Our youngest daughter really likes the fancy little cover she has for her single putter; also she has a shiny, nearly translucent, pink ball. She likes that a lot too. And me? I like driving around in the golf cart and parking in sunbeams, but I don’t own any clubs, not even one with a fun cover….
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Two truths and a lie, a school end game

First published Jun. 10, 2015 at 2:14 PM in the Tri Town Transcript

BOXFORD It’s June. Let’s celebrate by playing two truths and a lie. You guess which of these statements is true and which is the lie.
First: I can’t sign one more form, homework paper, or test for my girls. Forgery is where I’m at.
Our dog Blue Ears is more likely to sign their homework than I am.
Second: I allowed a clearly non-urgent appendicitis ‘scare’ to be the reason that my youngest daughter and I snuck off to Starbucks in the middle of the school day for a cookie and a latte.
Third: I threw away three dinners this month because I can’t read one more thing, including overly perky recipes, and as a result I made meals toxic to humans (and dogs)….
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