Monthly Archives: May 2015

Chaperoning A Monumental School Field Trip

Originally Published in the Tri Town Transcript, May. 22, 2015

So it’s almost June. I know that because I could write this column, with my finger, in the pollen that is covering my kitchen counter. I’m not complaining – – pollen is messy and hard to breath, but you know what else pollen is? Not snow. I rest my case.

Given all the pre-summer stirrings, I was awash not just in pollen, but in happy weather parental glee, which morphed into chaperoning our eight year old daughter’s field trip to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum….
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It’s All In The Details

Originally Published in the Tri Town Transcript, May. 01, 2015

“I got your car detailed while you were away.” My husband said to me.

“Great!” I said, hoping I sounded thankful and enthusiastic.
But I was nervous. Had the interior of my car broken the spirit of an unsuspecting garage guy by having, possibly, too many details?
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