Monthly Archives: January 2015

Lost in Winter’s Memory

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript January 21, 2015

I stared shivering at the giant sports field. It was a vast expanse of dead winter grass and snow-crusted clumps.
“Ok,” I took a deep breath. “So, when the fire drill started, you marched outside and stood in lines. Where was the fifth grade?”
My older daughter, who stood shivering next to me, took off towards a soccer goal.
“And,” I turned to my younger daughter who stood ready for her part in our historical reenactment, “where did the second grade stand?”
She marched off in the other direction so that they stood about 20 yards apart.
Somewhere, in between them, was a dangle earring approximately the color and shape of . . . a blade of grass….
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In Search Of The Sick Mom

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript January 7, 2015

 Happy New Years, Regular Readers. I hope your resolutions are full of possibility, hope and the sure promise that summer is now only five (or six, maybe seven if we’re honest) months away.
My own goal this year is a lofty and noble one. I’d like to gain recognition for that mythological creature: The Sick Mom….
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