Monthly Archives: November 2014

On The Road To Who We Are

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript November 26, 2014

Regular Readers may have picked up on the fact that my parents live in Miami. I strongly recommend having family some place warm when you reside in the Tri-Towns. If you don’t, perhaps you can borrow mine. They are friendly, flexible and understanding to those in need of the occasional thaw….
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Let There Be Light

First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript November 7, 2014

I’m not a fan of home systems. Living here in the Tri-Towns where so many of us are on septic and wells makes me antsy. I don’t like being in charge of whether or not my toilet flushes or my water runs. My husband, on the other hand, likes that it makes us more ‘self-sufficient’.

“Self sufficient how?” I always ask. “Like if we have to survive while zombies eat each other on the BTA trails, at least we’ll be able to flush our toilets?”…
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