Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Tuesday to Remember

By Esther C. Baird/Tri-Town Transcript columnist
First Published in the Tri-Town Transcript March 26, 2014

The astute Regular Reader who managed not to scratch their skin off after my last column, will have picked up on the fact that, since we last met, I have turned 40.

My birthday fell last Tuesday, and we all know there’s no sparkle on a Tuesday. Birthdays that fall on Thursdays through Sundays can easily be made to feel festive. But if you land on a Monday through a Wednesday you are out of luck. In my case, all the luck o’ the Irish is used up the day before, since my birthday falls on March 18th….
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A Pox Upon Your House

Originally Published in the Tri-Town Transcript

It started with a stiff neck – I couldn’t turn my head, and it’s hard to be Mommy when you can only move like Batman. I did the standard things: Advil, a massage, and physical therapy before I finally gave up and went to my doctor admitting, “I need drugs.”…
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